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Are QPR and Burnley set for a swift Premier League return?

11.30 am / 16 August 2015

Will Queens Park Rangers and Burnley be two of the teams playing Premier League football next season?

Cellino disqualified from Leeds role

1.36 pm / 1 December 2014

Leeds United have been asked to remove Massimo Cellino from his position as owner after he was disqualified by the Football League.

Wolverhampton Wanderers: Club Guide

10.29 am / 26 September 2014

Wolves, or Wolverhampton Wanderers, FC was formed in 1877. They initially played under the name 'St Luke's' and played their home matches at Dudley Road.

Wigan Athletic: Club Guide

10.21 am / 26 September 2014

Another English domestic side from Greater Manchester, Wigan Athletic FC were founded in 1932.

Watford: Club Guide

10.19 am / 26 September 2014

Watford FC were founded in 1881 under the name Watford Rovers and initially played in local amateur competitions, making their debut in the FA Cup in 1886-87. The Hornets went through a number of iter...

Sheffield Wednesday: Club Guide

10.17 am / 26 September 2014

Sheffield Wednesday are one of the oldest Football League clubs in England. Founded in 1867, the club was initially attached to a local cricket club (known as the 'Wednesday' because of the day of the...

Rotherham United: Club Guide

9.34 am / 26 September 2014

Rotherham United FC were founded in 1925 when two clubs from the town (Rotherham County and Rotherham Town) merged after a number of years competing against each other in the Midlands League.

Nottingham Forest: Club Guide

9.21 am / 26 September 2014

Nottingham Forest were founded in 1865. In 1889 they joined the Football Alliance, winning the first of their two FA Cups in 1898 (the second was won in 1959), before joining the Football League in 18...

Norwich City: Club Guide

9.12 am / 26 September 2014

Hailing from the city that brought us Colman's Mustard and Alan Partridge, Norwich City are one of the biggest football teams in England. Despite not always challenging for the top titles on the domes...

Millwall: Club Guide

9.09 am / 26 September 2014

Millwall FC were founded in 1885 by a group of factory workers from the Isle of Dogs in the East of London.

Middlesbrough: Club Guide

9.07 am / 26 September 2014

Middlesbrough FC were founded in 1876, initially starting out as an amateur club but then opting to turn professional in 1889 before reverting to amateur status in 1892. 'Boro' lifted the FA Amateur C...

Leeds United: Club Guide

9.05 am / 26 September 2014

Leeds United were established in 1919 after the football league disbanded preceding club Leeds City AFC following financial irregularities.

Ipswich Town: Club Guide

9.01 am / 26 September 2014

Ipswich Town Football Club was founded in 1888 when Ipswich AFC merged with Ipswich Rugby Club. The Tractor Boys, as they are now known, began life competing in local level amateur competitions but, a...

Huddersfield Town: Club Guide

2.47 pm / 24 September 2014

Huddersfield Town FC were founded in 1908 with impressive plans to develop their Leeds Road ground and attract large crowds. Within two years, the club's directors had secured entry to the Football Le...

Fulham: Club Guide

2.43 pm / 24 September 2014

From the fields of Fulham, southwest London, this club was founded in 1879, and at one stage in its history was the oldest established football team from London playing in the top-tier of English foot...

Derby County: Club Guide

2.40 pm / 24 September 2014

One of the 12 original members of the Football League in 1888, Derby County is one of only ten clubs to have competed in every season of the English football league. Such a storied history came to pro...

Charlton Athletic: Club Guide

2.38 pm / 24 September 2014

Charlton Athletic were founded by a group of 15-17 year olds back in 1905 and initially participated in local leagues as an amateur club.

Cardiff City: Club Guide

2.36 pm / 24 September 2014

One of two professional football clubs from Wales that play in the English Football League, Cardiff City was first formed as Riverside A.F.C. in 1899. Alongside Swansea, Cardiff City have enjoyed an i...

Brighton & Hove Albion: Club Guide

2.33 pm / 24 September 2014

Hailing from the sandy shores of Brighton and Hove, a British seaside town on the East Sussex coast, Brighton (as the team is commonly known) is an English football club that was founded in 1901.

Brentford: Club Guide

2.31 pm / 24 September 2014

Brentford FC were founded in 1889 by members of the Brentford Rowing Club, all of whom were seeking a winter sport to take part in.

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